Laser Safe PC v5

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Lasermet has released the latest version of its laser safety calculation software. Lasersafe PC version 5.0 includes all the amendments introduced in IEC / EN 60825-1: 2014.

Laser Safe PC v5 enables users to quickly and easily calculate the laser safety aspects of their laser system. Different laser parameters can be input experimentally in order to find out their effects and try out a large number of new scenarios for exploring the safety of a laser setup or laser product.

LaserSafe PC 5 uses the standard EN 60825-1:2014 – the latest and most up-to-date laser safety standard. The introduction of this edition has had a major impact on the way pulse train calculations are carried out and on the classification process.  LaserSafe PC v5 incorporates all changes in the standard and includes a new classification window to show the details of the calculations used in the classification process.

Laser safety eyewear calculations are provided on the results screens, which give about all of the correction factors in EN 60825 as well as other laser safety eyewear information. 

The new Interactive ‘Assistant’ enables novices in laser safety to easily use the program to perform laser safety calculations and basic hazard assessments. The Assistant also acts as a tutor, enabling any user to learn and deepen their understanding of laser safety.

All software upgrades are free of charge for the first twelve months.