Laser safety eyewear

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Univet Opical Technologies has released laser safety eyewear providing DL8 protection level – the highest level available on market – designed to defend eyes from high power laser sources.

The 2mm thick aluminium shell provides maximum protection, even when exposed to direct radiation from a laser beam. The spectacles can be worn easily over prescription glasses thanks to the interchangeable nose-pad, and are equipped with temple adjustable features for length and inclination, to provide users with outstanding comfort and wearability.

Glass filters set on the spectacles combine interferential and absorbing effect; the lens is composed of two laminated glass layers covered by a reflecting interferential coating. Therefore, the eyewear combines the high resistance of interference filters with the optimal optic density provided by absorbing lenses. Joining the two layers provides DL8 protection level certified in accordance with European norm EN207. These products are certified by ECS GmbH (European Certification Service - Notified Body 1883).