LaserCam-HR Beam Profilers covering UV and IR

Coherent has extended the spectral coverage of its LaserCam-HR laser beam profiling cameras into both the ultraviolet and infrared with the addition of two new models. 

The LaserCam-HR-UV operates over the 190nm to 355nm spectral range, enabling it to record beam characteristics at the third (355nm), fourth (266nm) and fifth (213nm) harmonics of Nd:YAG lasers, as well as the output of most excimer lasers. 

Furthermore, the large size of the high resolution sensor (2/3-inch) allows many excimer laser beams to be directly measured without beam reducing optics. The LaserCam-HR-UV also features novel, robust sensor technology which delivers excellent long-term stability and a significant increase in pulse count lifetime over previously available products. 

The new LaserCam-HR-InGaAs measures infrared laser beams from 900nm to 1,700nm. This makes it compatible with eye-safe military lasers, telecom sources, as well as the Nd:YAG fundamental. The LaserCam-HR-InGaAs offers an unmatched set of performance capabilities, in particular, both high measurement speed and a large, 14 bit dynamic range. This makes it faster than pyroelectric based devices, and enables visualisation of much greater beam detail than can be achieved by other competitive cameras that utilise InGaAs sensor technology. 

Both LaserCam-HR models offer a single USB 2.0 cable connection. No interface card or other connections are required; the new LaserCam-HRs even draw their power through the USB connection, eliminating the need for a separate power supply. These new products also use the same powerful BeamView-USB 2.0 as all other LaserCam-HR models.