LBS-300 Beam Samplers

Ophir-Spiricon has launched the LBS-300 Beam Samplers, a family of high accuracy laser beam attenuators that combine a compact, portable design with small beam diameters and high power ranges.

Designed for challenging, high power applications, the samplers provide high accuracy measurements of beams with diameters up to 15mm and power levels from 10mW to 400W. This makes the LBS-300 ideal for enclosed workstations, such as micromachining, microwelding, and medical device manufacturing.

The LBS-300 Beam Sampler is designed to control and adjust laser beam output power reaching the camera. Approximately 99.9 per cent of the beam is transmitted through the beam sampler with less than 0.1 per cent passed on to the camera. The LBS-300 includes three neutral density filter sets, fixed or continuous, and attaches to C-mount, CS-mount, or Ophir mount cameras. Two filters can be combined to provide adjustable attenuation down to 100,000,000:1.

There are four LBS-300 configurations: the LBS-300-UV for wavelengths from 266-355nm, the LBS-300-VIS for wavelengths from 400-700nm, the LBS-300-NIR for 1,064nm wavelength and the LBS-300-BB for broadband applications, from 190-1,550nm.