LDP-QCW 300-12

The LDP-QCW 300-12 is a compact and efficient current supply to drive quasi continuous wave (QCW) laser diodes.  

It is designed for very high currents up to 30A, and provides power up to 3600W. With its compact design the LDP-QCW 300-12 has a very good power-to-size ratio, says its manufacturer.

Only one supply voltage is required to control both the control logic and the power stage. In combination with the PLB-21 or via USB, the LDP-QCW 300-12 is capable of generating pulses on its own. No external pulse generator is required and all parameters can be easily adjusted.

The LDP-QCW 300-12 is suitable for a wide range of applications, including illumination, pumping of solid-state lasers, and spot welding.