Legend Elite Duo

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The new Legend Elite Duo from Coherent is an integrated ultrafast amplifier that delivers pulse energies over 6mJ at a 1kHz repetition rate. The amplifier produces high-intensity output with a pulse width of less than 40fs and M2 less than 1.5.

The Legend Elite Duo is a two-stage amplifier. The first stage features the same high-power regenerative amplifier design used in the Legend Elite model. The second stage is a simple linear amplifier that uses a thermoelectrically cooled Ti:S crystal. Because both amplifier stages are integrated into one box with just one pump laser, the Legend Elite Duo is compact, stable and easy to use.

It is suitable for high-power applications such as the pumping of multiple tuneable OPAs for pump-probe photochemistry, or ultrafast spectroscopy techniques such as CARS and fluorescence upconversion. This high power also allows the Legend Elite Duo to be used as a shared resource, where the output is split to power several separate experiments.