Legend Elite Duo CEP laser

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Coherent has released the Legend Elite Duo, a Carrier-Envelope Phase (CEP) stabilised, Ti:sapphire regenerative amplifier-based laser. The laser delivers up to 10W of power, as well as high repetition rates (up to 10kHz), yet does not require the complexity of cryogenic cooling of the gain medium. When used as part of an all-Coherent setup, the amplifier demonstrates CEP phase stability as good as <200 mrad (rms).

One of the most important applications for CEP laser systems is attosecond physics. Here, a compressed amplifier pulse drives non-linear optical effects when focused into a gas jet to generate high harmonics and ultimately create a train of attosecond pulses. Because this process is very inefficient, with a highly non-linear dependence on the driving laser intensity, it is important to start with the highest possible input pulse energy.

In addition to high power, the higher pulse repetition rate of the Legend Elite Duo CEP benefits virtually all CEP applications, as it directly translates into faster data acquisition rates and hence shorter experiment times.