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Matrix 532-8-100

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Coherent has launched the Matrix 532-8-100, a Q-switched, diode-pumped, solid-state laser designed to deliver the best cost-to-performance ratio for demanding micromachining tasks in solar, semiconductor and medical device manufacturing. Specifically, it provides 8W of output power at 532nm at a pulse rate of 100kHz, in order to support high-throughput applications. Just as important, it is constructed using Coherent's PermAlign (soldered) component mounting technology using robotic assembly methods, and incorporates proven, long-lived components such as Aluminum Free Active Area (AAA) pump diodes. Together, these factors deliver a combination of long lifetime, high reliability and low total cost of ownership. The Matrix 532-8-100 is RoHS compliant and backed by an 18-month/10,000 hour warranty.

The Matrix 532-8-100 achieves superior machining quality due to its high power stability (<2 per cent), exceptionally low pulse-to-pulse noise (typically <2 per cent rms), excellent pointing stability (<15µrad/°C), and good beam quality (M²<1.3). Together with its high peak power and short pulsewidth (<35ns), these characteristics enable the consistent production of micron scale features in a variety of materials, with minimal heat affected zones. In addition, the Matrix 532-8-100 provides complete control over pulse energy and timing from the first to the last pulse to guarantee controlled, predictable and uniform results.

The Matrix 532-8-100 is primarily intended for cost-sensitive, high throughput applications in which product quality cannot be compromised. These include P1, P2, P3 thin-film patterning of a:Si, CdTe, and CIGS solar cells, as well as dicing, scribing, and trimming of semiconductor materials, in addition to cutting and drilling of polymers. Other applications include marking of a wide range of materials, such as ID cards, solar cells, silicon wafers, LCDs, FPDs, hard disks, and semiconductor components.