Lenses for SWIR sensors and cameras

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Resolve Optics has designed two new fixed focus lenses (25mm and 50mm) specifically for the 0.9 and 1.7µm SWIR (short wavelength infrared) waveband.

In surveillance, military and machine vision applications in particular, SWIR cameras have become the sensors of choice. However, there are very few true SWIR lenses available. Most of the lenses available for the SWIR bandwidth are actually lenses that are designed for the visible, but have AR coating for 0.9 to 1.7µm. This was acceptable in the past as the resolution of the sensors was so poor that the shortcomings of these lens such as poor resolution and poor colour correction were not noticeable.
Through careful design and selection of glass types, matched with AR coatings - Resolve Optics new Model 342 Series SWIR lenses deliver unmatched resolution and colour correction ensuring that you get the best possible image from your camera or sensor.