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LIEKKI ytterbium fibres

nLight has released a Ytterbium fibre product series known as LIEKKI Yb1200, which offers extremely high dopant concentrations resulting in short application lengths.

nLight’s Direct Nanoparticle Deposition (DND) fibre production technology allows the creation of fibres with very high homogeneity, minimising clustering and photodarkening. 

LIEKKI ytterbium fibres are available as single mode and large mode area (LMA), single, double and triple cladding, polarisation maintaining (PM) as well as non-PM.

These products cover the broad application field of ytterbium fibres ranging from low-power preamplifiers to high-average-power pulsed amplifiers and high-continuous wave (CW) power fibre lasers. The fibres will be distributed by Laser Lines.


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