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Peak Test Services is distributing Optomistic Products' LightProbes range in the UK. The LightProbes are designed to test lamps and displays on printed-circuit boards using in-circuit test fixtures and automatic test equipment (ATE).

The probes incorporate LED sensors which verify colour and intensity, to check that the right colour LED is in the right position on the circuit board and that the LED is bright enough for the finished product. They can also be used to test incandescent lamps, neon lamps, vacuum fluorescent displays and liquid crystal displays.

The range includes the Smart LightProbes products, which require no calibration or sensitivity adjustment for a wide range of LED types, colours and intensities. Models are available for very accurate and stable colour wavelength measurement as well as for simple colour verification and intensity measurement.

The sensors are the light-sensing equivalent of conventional in-circuit electrical test probes used in bed-of-nails test fixtures. They are similar in size and installation methods, and are ATE-compatible with a choice of digital or analogue output signals.