SUR-Series APDs

Laser Components has introduced the SUR-Series of UV-enhanced avalanche photodiodes (APDs), which have a reach-through structure, allowing low noise and sensitivity in the blue and UV wavelength range.

The sensitivity of the new reach-through APD extends further into the DUV than any devices currently available on the market. Its operation as a packaged component is ultimately limited by the transmission of the window, optimised for wavelengths starting at 250nm. Such a high sensitivity at wavelengths even shorter than 250nm has been achieved by the developers.

This has been achieved by operating the device under vacuum conditions and a specially designed reach-through structure with an ultra thin surface top layer grown using a unique epitaxial procedure. An important additional advantage of the new reach-through APD is its unmatched noise and sensitivity performance over the widest commercially available wavelength range, from 250nm to 1100nm. APD sizes from 0.5mm to 3mm diameter active areas are available.