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Littrow dispersion prisms

Precision Glass & Optics (PG&O), which makes optical components, precision thin film coatings,   and customised optical solutions, has announced a line of Littrow dispersion prisms for laser cavities and other optical systems, such as spectrographs.

PG&O offers a wide range of coated and uncoated Littrow prisms featuring 30- 60- and 90-degree angles. Uncoated prisms are ideal for image (or light) dispersion because they can disperse white light into its spectral components. Coated Littrow prisms feature an anti-reflective coating on the surface opposite the 60-degree angle to provide a constant deviation prism. The coated prism is ideal for use in laser cavities and applications where it is critical to limit lasing to a specific wavelength. For a given wavelength, the refracted ray entering the prism travels normally to the reflectively-coated exit face, then back along its original path.

Littrow prisms from PG&O feature angular tolerance >1 arc second, surface quality of 10/5, surface accuracy λ/20, and dimensional tolerances ±.001-inch. PG&O also offers high performance turnkey optical solutions, including precision and commercial components for a variety of applications. All precision thin film coatings are manufactured to MIL specs, including metal and dielectric mirrors, beam-splitters, filters, anti-reflection coatings, neutral density filters, transparent electro-conductive coatings, and other hard and dense optical coatings needed for high performance and durability.


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