LML-530-GB by PD-LD

Laser Components has introduced a stabilised, 530nm single-mode laser module, LML-530-GB, as the newest product in PD-LD's portfolio of laser diodes for spectroscopic, biomedical and process control systems.

The LML-530-GB laser is an easy-to-integrate, supercharged OEM module with fully integrated drive electronics, software controls and temperature compensation. The revolutionary unit is coupled to polarisation maintaining single mode fibre and delivers up to 50mW of green power at a very precise 530nm.  The LML-530-GB’s energy efficient design consumes less than 10W.

The laser will also be available in the LabSource platform, along with its Prism Award Winner sister LS-2 model.

Combined with the many other lasers available from PD-LD, 647nm, 780nm, 785nm, 830nm and many more, the new LML-530-GB laser adds what the company describes as the first, affordable and readily available green solution to Raman system designs.