M2-200S Beam Propagation Analyzer upgrade

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Available through Laser Lines, Ophir-Spiricon has released an upgraded and reduced size version of its 200S Beam Propagation Analyzer.

The M2-200S upgrades include: a physical size reduction of almost one half of its predecessor, reports measurements up to two to three times faster, and is more robust, insuring 24/7 reliability.

Software improvements in the M2-200S, including more efficient algorithm execution has decreased the measurement reporting time by two to three times, making it possible to report M2 in under two minutes. All these measurements and translations, as well as incremental beam attenuation, are automatically controlled by the M2-200S software.

With customers wanting to deploy applications for continuous use; three shifts a day, seven days a week, increased attention in these areas and endurance testing of critical components has been a major focus in the new M2-200S.