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The new Mamba, from Coherent, is a 525W (at 1,064nm), diode-pumped, solid-state laser that delivers a combination of high reliability, long lifetime and minimal maintenance downtime.

It is primarily intended for high throughput materials processing applications, such as edge deletion of solar panels and ITO patterning. The exceptional reliability of the Mamba derives from several factors including PermAlign construction for drift-free, long-term alignment of its resonator optics, pump diodes fabricated using Coherent's long lived AAA material, and indium-free hard solder pump diode packaging for extended lifetime. Furthermore, when pump diode replacement is finally required, the pump modules can easily be replaced in the field for minimal downtime and reduced cost of ownership.

The Mamba is configured as a compact laser head and separate power supply, making it particularly easy to integrate into production machinery where space is a consideration. In addition, the laser is offered with a fibre delivery option. This 600µm or 800µm square cross section fibre is specifically designed to optimise process throughput for tasks such as edge deletion. In addition, Mamba boasts a number of other features that maximise throughput, process quality and operational flexibility. These include Pulse OnDemand, which is a suite of features (including single shot and burst mode operation, and first pulse equalisation) that make it possible to utilise every pulse produced by the laser. Plus, a patented, optical attenuator is integrated inside the main laser housing, and further facilitates process development and optimisation.