Ondax 405nm laser diodes

Photonic Products has launched a new range of 405nm wavelength-stabilised laser diodes from Ondax for applications including Raman spectroscopy, flow cytometry and metrology/inteferometry.

The Ondax 405nm blue-violet wavelength stabilised laser is a miniature laser in a standard TO 5.6mm package. The wavelength stabilisation is achieved by optical feedback using the Ondax Volume Holographic Grating (VHG) PowerLocker, which ensures a stable single longitudinal mode operation.

Features include wavelength stability (<0.015nm/ºC), single longitudinal mode, compact size (standard 5.6mm TO package), wavelength locked to <±1nm, coherence length (~0.6m) and it is hermetically sealed. The power locked laser has a very low temperature dependence and precise centre wavelength over the locked region which enhances its performance.

The Ondax range of 405nm blue-violet wavelength stabilised lasers is also ideal for use in data storage, embossed holograms, CD mastering, diffraction grating fabrication, confocal microscopy, particle counting, fluorescence, non-destructive testing, microlithography and high speed printing.

Ondax lasers are available from Photonic Products in standard wavelengths of 403, 405, 407, 640, 658, 685, and 785nm. They offer low temperature dependence (<0.03nm/ºC), single mode narrow linewidth, compact size (5.6mm and 9mm standard TO package) and are wavelength locked to <±1nm.