Marl panel indicator LEDs

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Marl’s new range of metal-bodied panel indicator LEDs is up to 25 per cent more energy efficient than earlier versions, is bi-polar, and can be driven from a wide voltage band.

The new Marl panel indicator LEDs will operate from any voltage in the range 12-28V with minimal variation in brightness making them ideal for battery-powered systems and other applications where input voltage is subject to wide variations.

The LEDs are insensitive to the polarity of the incoming power supply, and will work equally well wired either way around. They also draw just 8mA from a 12V supply – around 25 per cent less than existing versions.

Designated 531, 534, 537, 538, 698 and 699, the new LEDs also feature more modern styling, helping to impart an up-to-date look to instrumentation panels.

The new Marl panel indicator LEDs are available in two sizes, for 8.1mm and 12.7mm panel apertures. The range includes bright, nickel-plated brass, anodised aluminium and stainless steel versions in red, yellow, green, blue and cold white. All versions offer a wide 120° viewing angle, and are a plug-in replacement for existing Marl and other LED panel indicators.