Coherent has expanded its family of Matrix lasers with a new ultraviolet model optimised to produce 1.5W at a high repetition rate of 70kHz, in order to support high-throughput applications.  In addition to high speed, the Matrix 355-1.5-70 delivers enhanced precision by enabling complete control over pulse energy and timing from the first to the last pulse. For example, the pulse energy can be held constant as the repetition rate is varied. Moreover, the cost/performance ratio of this new laser is specifically targeted at industrial processing applications where cost per processed unit is just as important as reliable operation and stable parameters over time.

All Matrix lasers are fully RoHS compliant and backed by an 18-month/10,000 hour warranty.  They utilise Coherent's PermAlign (soldered) component mounting technology, robotic assembly methods and proven, long-lived components such as Aluminum Free Active Area (AAA) pump diodes. Together with unique multi-pass harmonics generation technology, this results in long laser lifetime, low pulse-to-pulse noise (typically <2 per cent rms), outstanding pointing stability (max. ±15 µrad/°C), and high beam quality (M² <1.3).  

Matrix 355-1.5.70 is ideally suited for stereolithography, enabling the step from rapid prototyping to rapid manufacturing, as well as for scribing sapphire substrates in GaN/InGaN based LED production. Other applications include thin film processing, memory repair, cold marking and semiconductor scribing.