Comet laser cleaver

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AMS Technologies has released its Comet laser cleaver, which is manufactured by Sagitta and complements its product range of fibre optic instruments.

The Comet is a bench-top module, which uses a novel, non-contact laser system to cleave optical fibre and remove the epoxy bead on optical connectors. Comet is designed for mass production in fibre optic termination shops to both increase the yield during termination and reduce cost of polishing material in the subsequent polishing steps.

The system allows consistent cleave height with no operator dependence on epoxy bead size or cleave skill. Comet eliminates scribe blade wear out and epoxy removal steps resulting in lower production costs compared to traditional technologies. Adapters for all type of 1.25mm and 2.5mm simplex connectors are available. A special version can also cleave MT-RJ and MT type connectors.  Comet can also cut several fibres in one shot reliably for multi fibre connector technology.