Matrix 355

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The new Matrix 355 series solid-state lasers from Coherent are economical, air-cooled systems for OEM integration. They combine consistent operation with high beam quality, low noise and a long lifetime. Two models are currently offered: the Matrix 355-1-60 delivers more than 1W of average power at a 60kHz pulse repetition rate; and the Matrix 355-2-20 delivers 2W at 20kHz. Both lasers are fully RoHS compliant and backed by industry-leading warranty terms.

The lasers feature PermAlign (soldered) component mounting technology, robotic assembly methods, and proven, durable components such as AAA (aluminium-free active area) pump diodes.

The output characteristics of the Matrix 355 lasers make them particularly suitable for precision applications in materials processing and micro-electronics, such as stereolithography (rapid prototyping), LCD/FPD titling, memory repair, thin film processing, precision marking and semiconductor scribing. In all of these applications, they provide complete control over pulse energy and timing, including the ability to hold the pulse energy constant as the repetition rate is varied.