MBC-AN series

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Photline Technologies is introducing the MBC-AN series, a new family of modulator bias controllers designed for analogue applications.

The MBC-AN series are suitable for stabilising analogue modulators and to ensure a stable operation over time and in environmental conditions when a high purity optical carrier is required.

Modulator bias controllers are used to lock the operating point of Mach-Zehnder modulators. They are necessary to compensate for the drift caused by ageing and changes in environmental conditions. Unlike classical dither signal-based bias controllers, the MBC-AN-series does not superimpose any tone signal to the optical modulated signal.

The controllers are designed to lock the operating point of modulators for applications where such a tone signal is not desired and typically for analogue applications such as RFoF, remote antenna and radar links.

MBC-AN controllers are compatible with all Photline Technologies analogue modulators.