Meadowlark Optics polarimeter

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Ideal for both manufacturing and laboratory applications, the compact Meadowlark Optics polarimeter has been introduced by Edmund Optics. Offering convenient computer control, it accurately measures Stokes parameters 10 times per second, quantifies the State of Polarisation (SOP) and graphically displays the Poincaré sphere, polarisation ellipse or a running chart.
The Meadowlark Optics polarimeter uses liquid crystal variable retarders in combination with no moving parts, to ensure compatibility with a wide variety of stability-sensitive applications. The device offers vibration-free performance, while minimising the risk of excessive wear. Patented algorithms provide high accuracy and calibration versatility.

An optional Eigenstate calibration set can provide a convenient and accurate means to recalibrate the polarimeter to three common wavelengths of 532nm, 632.8nm or 1,064nm.