MEMS wafers

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The MEMS devices that are used in millions of sensors, print heads and micro-reactors need high precision substrate materials made of glass. Schott offers high-quality and customised wafers for this purpose.

The highest possible precision is required in manufacturing glass wafers. The wafers produced by Schott are extremely uniform, thanks to very precise surface processing; they deviate in terms of thickness by a maximum of 5μm. These wafers contain zero defects and are perfectly clean.

For increased customisation, Schott offers a broad selection of special glass types, including AF 45 (alkali-free glass), D 263 T (low alkali glass), Borofloat 33, B 270 Superwite (highly transparent specialised glass) or even high-purity synthetic fused silica Lithosil. These round wafers are available in basic sizes of 4, 6 and 8 inches (100, 150 and 200 mm), as well as individual formats. Thicknesses vary between 0.05 and 2mm and almost any types of structuring and feed-through are possible.