Online-calculation tool

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Präzisions Glas & Optik has released a free online-calculation tool to calculate the transmittance of any Schott optical glass filter. The calculator is available in both German and English.

Schott filters are used for various technical applications and for professional research and development. To determine and select the right filter glass material and appropriate filter thickness for individual applications, Präzisions Glas & Optik has developed an online calculation app, which allows users to simulate the transmission curves of all available Schott colour glass filter materials online. It is probably the only online-calculation tool for Schott
filter transmission curves so far.

After selecting the filter type and entering the desired filter thickness, users can choose whether they want to calculate and show the spectral transmission or the internal transmission curve of the selected filter material or both at the same time.

In addition, users can select the displayed wavelength range and zoom in to the range of interest to generate your individual transmission curve.

The free online calculator helps to quickly find the perfect filter solution for any type of
filter application in research, development and industry.