Mentad 1550nm pulsed fibre laser

BFi Optilas now distributes a new version of the Mentad 1,550nm pulsed fibre laser produced by Manlight. Technical developments have improved the performance of the laser in terms of power (1.2W) and energy (up to 40µJ) as well as extended temperature range (-35 to +65°C) and LVDS triggering capabilities. The compact device (90 x 70 x 15mm) device provides pulses of durations from 500ps to 1.25µs with a near diffraction limited beam quality (M² < 1.1). Adjustable pulse widths are also available.

The Mentad product is low cost, low consumption, easy to operate, maintenance-free and is suitable for a number of application including Lidar, telemetry and range finding.