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FEI has introduced three new transmission electron microscopy systems for semiconductor manufacturing and scientific research. They include: the new Metrios TEM for advanced semiconductor manufacturing metrology; Talos TEM that provides high-speed imaging and analysis for materials and life sciences applications; and the Titan Themis TEM, for enhanced atomic-scale measurements of material properties. 

The Metrios system is the first TEM dedicated to providing the fast, precise measurements that semiconductor manufacturers need to develop and control their wafer fabrication processes. Extensive automation of the basic TEM operation and measurement procedures minimises requirements for specialised operator training. Its advanced automated metrology delivers greater precision than manual methods. The Metrios TEM is designed to provide customers with improved throughput and lower cost-per-sample than other TEMs.

The Talos TEM combines high-resolution, high-throughput TEM imaging with quantitative energy dispersive x-ray (EDX) analysis to deliver advanced analytical performance. The new TEM is available with FEI’s highest brightness electron source and latest EDX detector technology to provide high-efficiency detection of low concentration and light elements, along with FEI’s 3D EDS tomography. Its performance at lower accelerating voltages permits the use of lower beam energies to reduce sample damage on delicate materials. The Talos platform is completely digital, allowing for remote operation, and it also enables the addition of application-specific detectors or sample holders for dynamic experiments. With enhanced automation and ease-of-use, the Talos is especially well-suited for the individual investigator as well as multi-user laboratory environments.

The Titan Themis TEM provides for aberration-corrected, atomic-scale imaging and analysis. Researchers can use the high resolution of aberration-corrected TEM to understand relationships between a material’s larger-scale physical properties and its atomic-scale composition and structure. The Titan Themis platform enables direct measurements of properties, such as magnetic fields, on the nanometre-length scale and electric fields even down to the atomic scale. Automation of the complete TEM workflow, from sample navigation and alignment through final data acquisition, enhances the repeatability and reproducibility of results to enable more confident conclusions with less time and effort.


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