Micro and miniature collimators

Photonic Products has launched a range of laser diode collimators which achieve the technically difficult feat of combining high alignment accuracy with a tiny package. The range comprises a micro laser diode collimator, measuring 4.5mm in diameter, and two miniature laser diode collimators measuring 6mm in diameter.

The 300-0444-00 micro laser diode collimator offers high bore sighting accuracy of <0.2º, and the two miniature laser diode collimators offer boresight error of 0.4º in the standard version or an astonishing 0.05º boresighting accuracy in the high-precision version. The collimator has been designed specifically for use in applications requiring high beam alignment accuracy where size is a critical factor. It also has a high quality glass lens which offers improved optical performance over the operating temperature range.

The two miniature laser diode collimators in the range are specifically intended for use in applications requiring very high beam alignment accuracy. With the standard version giving a boresight error of 0.4º and the ultrahigh-precision version giving 0.05º, they are eminently suitable for even the most demanding of applications. They measure just 9.1mm in length and 6mm in diameter.

These tiny laser diode collimators have been designed as complete low cost, high volume systems for OEM use.