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Opnext HL6750MG

Photonic Products has introduced the Opnext HL6750MG 685nm laser diode for industrial, medical and biomedical applications such as x-ray scanners, distance meters, barcode scanners and high resolution CTP.

The visible laser diode is a 685nm AlGaInP laser diode with a multi-quantum well structure. It has a high optical output power of 50mW CW with a single longitudinal mode. The laser diode has a small package size of 5.6mm and a built-in photodiode for monitoring laser output which allows for easier control of the auto power circuit.

An added benefit is the low operating current of 75mA which enables the power consumption to be lowered without sacrificing the optical output power, resulting in greater energy efficiency. This has been achieved by optimising both the multi quantum well structure and wave-guide structure of the laser diode. The diode has an operating temperature range of –10°C to 70°C. It requires a negative (N type) power supply system.


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