MicroGreen Laser with Integrated Photodiode

The Frankfurt Laser Company (FLC) has released the latest version of its MicroGreen Series with integrated photo detector.

When engaged in a feedback loop, this laser can be set to maintain constant output power up to 8mW TEM00 allowing designers to offer illumination solutions that operate over more than 30 °C of change in ambient temperature.

The MicroGreen PD is only 5.6mm in diameter in size. Small size combined with monolithic optical design and reliability, high electrical-to-optical efficiency, and built-in temperature insensitivity without the use of power-hungry thermoelectric coolers, allows for battery operation. Now, OEM manufacturers and system integrators have a green laser, with at least four times higher sensitivity to the human eye compared to red light, while maintaining the ease of integration of a red diode laser. The MicroGreen PD is a solution for all applications that involve guiding people by means of aiming, alignment, or pointing laser light.