Micromachining Workstation

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Newport has introduced a new micromachining workstation specifically designed for high precision laser direct-writing (LDW) and patterning. The flexible device can be integrated with several lasers to produce two- or three-dimensional patterning and writing on virtually any material. It is simple to assemble and easy to couple with continuous-wave (CW), nanosecond (ns), and femtosecond (fs) lasers. The advanced workstation can also be used to produce submicron resolution on significantly large surface areas of the substrates.

The micromachining workstation can be customised with different lasers to perform surface and volume patterning in semiconductors, dielectrics, and biocompatible materials. The workstation configuration includes high precision linear stages that allow laser direct-writing with sub-micron resolution. This solution is primarily designed for prototyping of complex two- and three-dimensional microstructures in diverse fields such as photonics, microelectronics, and tissue engineering.

Newport’s new workstation utilises standard optics, opto-mechanics, motorised motion, and up-to-date laser products to provide high performance and accuracy. Its user-friendly interface allows the user to create diverse patterns on many substrates and the intuitive software allows the researcher to easily collect and analyse the data. Newport also offers a detailed list of compatible parts that can be used to customise the workstation to meet the users' specific application requirements.