Miniature High Power UV Fibre Light Sources (S2D2)

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Hamamatsu Photonics has released its miniature, high power UV fibre light source, also known as the S2D2.

The new L10671 features a brand new high performance 10 Watt Deuterium lamp, providing high radiant intensity and very high stability of 0.004 per cent (which is comparable to Hamamatsu’s 30 Watt D2 lamps). The compact size (9 x 7 x 4cm) of this new device makes it ideal for a wide range of portable instrumentation deployments.

In particular the L10671 is ideally suited for applied UV-VIS spectroscopy applications in the analytical, medical, biotechnology, industrial, environmental and agricultural field. A complete spectroscopic measurement system can be done when used in combination with one of Hamamatsu’s miniature fibre-optic UV spectrometer modules.