Miniature high-voltage digital bias control modules

Laser Components has introduced a range of miniature high-voltage digital bias control (dBC) modules, well suited to controlling avalanche photodiodes and fast PIN photodiodes.

Three models of dBC are available; the dBC-120-3V is suitable for InGaAs APDs and very fast PIN photodiodes, the dBC-220-3V is a universal controller for silicon APDs, and the dBC-380-5V is suitable for large-area APDs. All versions feature a compact design and nickel-plated metal housings (21 x 21 x 10mm). In addition, the temperature coefficient of the output voltage can be precisely adjusted to match the properties of the corresponding APD. Discrete APDs or APD modules can both be operated, even with an integrated temperature sensor.

The output current is limited to a safe maximum value of 0.8mA to effectively protect the APD from overloading. The output voltage is adjusted either by analogue or digital control using a programming interface for the microcontroller.