Mipos 140 and Mipos 250 SG

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Piezosystem Jena has extended its Mipos objective positioner series with the addition of the Mipos 140 and Mipos 250 SG.

Most installed lens positioners require an undesired extension to the optical axis. The distance between the lens and the sample is shortened. This can lead to collisions between the optics and the examined sample.

Built with a very special design principle, the optical axis stays the same with the Mipos 140. The position of the optical system remains unchanged after installation and the focal point continues to be at the desired adjusted position.

The Mipos 140 OEM offers high-precision positioning accuracy for lenses weighing up to 500g. With an open loop travel range of 140µm and 100µm in closed loop operation, the Mipos 140 reaches a resolution in the sub-nanometre range. The Mipos can also be equipped with strain gauge, capacitive or alternative sensors for determining the position for creep and hysteresis. Furthermore, the Mipos 140 OEM can be mounted upright in any position, for wafer inspection machines or used in optical benches horizontally and laser systems.

The Mipos 250 SG objective positioner has a travel range of 250µm in open loop operation and 200µm in closed loop. With an extremely flat design, the positioner has been constructed to be screwed to a flat surface. This surface can be an optical bench or a track within a machine. The high parallelism of the surface makes Mipos ideal for use in test and measurement, as well as in the semiconductor industry, such as mask inspection.

Adapters are available for all standard microscope threads (Zeiss, Leica, Olympus, Nikon, Mitutoyo), making the Mipos 250 universally applicable. The proven parallelogram principle guarantees a parallel motion without mechanical play and no affect on the optical axis. Fine focusing is also possible with high-resolution lenses, while drift and hysteresis are minimised when equipped with a strain gauge sensor in the Mipos system.