ML520G54 compact 638nm laser diode

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has released the ML520G54, a high output power laser diode, offering 110mW CW radiation at 638nm in stable lateral single-mode. The diode is ideal for use in mobile projectors, laser show equipment, and instrumentation applications, as well as in the biomedical fields.

The new device is packaged in a 5.6mm TO housing and has an operating temperature range of -5°C to +50°C. The diode produces its maximum power of 110mW at 50°C, offering the possibility to switch from active cooled to passive cooled operation.

Both the operating voltage and current of the device have been minimised, enabling the diode to perform at a recorded wall plug efficiency of 28 per cent. High efficiency at the wavelength of 638nm equates to a high brightness with low power consumption.

By adopting the Mitsubishi window mirror structure and ridge waveguide structure, the optical power density and the catastrophic optical damage (COD) level of the facet has been significantly improved, resulting in the output power of 110mW at 638nm in single-mode operation.