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The Mitsubishi ML5xxx series of high performance laser diodes (HPLDs), provided by Pacer International, are suitable for materials processing, medical, test and measurement and scientific applications.

They are highly efficient, with output rates of 60W, and function for a long lifetime. The diodes can be stacked to pump solid-state lasers with output power rates of several thousand watts and high beam quality.

ML5CPxx laser bars provide a stable oscillation with an emission wavelength of 807nm and standard CW power rates of up to 60W. The multi-emitter chip measures just 10 x 1.0mm or 10 x 1.2mm. Different electrode structures enable good bonding capabilities for AuSn and In solders. Low internal losses improve the slope efficiency and reduce operating current.

Another member of the series, the single emitter ML561E10-01, has a CW light output of at least 1.0W at an emission wavelength of typically 805nm. The device is integrated in a TO-CAN package with a diameter of 10.5mm. Due to the Al-free MOCVD structure, this laser diode’s active layer is highly reliable, and can generate an optical output power several times as high as the nominal output.