Model 228 lens

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Resolve Optics’ Model 228 lens provides high performance in both the ultraviolet and visible wavebands, enabling forensic scientists to identify and focus on a target.

The interaction between materials and UV light makes reflected-UV very useful for a number of applications in forensic investigation including imaging of latent fingerprints, imaging of bite marks and other pattern injuries on skin and imaging of shoeprints on surfaces where visible-light contrast is low.

By using a novel telescopic focusing mount the Model 228 lens gives a large movement in an extremely compact form. This provides the lens with the capability to image objects from infinity to 1:1.25 magnification without using add-on adapters. Offering a wide field of view (8.3° at 1:1.25 magnification up to 16.6° at long object distances) the lens offers unmatched high-resolution macro images for fingerprinting and human skin damage applications in particular. Because of its wide field of view and the high transmission qualities of the lens coatings used the Model 228 lens is considerably more light efficient than other longer focal length lenses offering an identical view.