Model 234/302 UV spectrometer

McPherson's vacuum ultraviolet spectrometer, Model 234/302, is now available with improved efficiency over a wide wavelength range. New platinum-coated gratings are suitable for use at windowless wavelengths, shorter than 120nm (>10eV). The compact 200mm focal length spectrometer can be supplied with various gratings to spread optimisation over the entire 30nm to 550nm wavelength range; an advantage allowed by the optical design. In combination with windowless, sensitive, cooled, scientific grade CCD detectors, adjustable slits, and f/4.5, the McPherson Model 234/302 provides fast, sensitive data collection. Extreme and vacuum ultraviolet radiation and emission spectra can be analysed with sub-nanometre spectral resolution. Adjustable slit-width provides for best light throughput and for better spectral resolution to resolve closely spaced spectral lines. Tunability of the installed grating to longer or shorter wavelengths provides means to collect different simultaneous wavelength swaths for general-purpose spectroscopy, plasma physics, and process monitoring without compromising resolution or signal strength.

The newly introduced platinum coated optics improve utility of the Model 234/302 vacuum ultraviolet spectrometer system. Furnished with spectral calibration certificate, the McPherson spectrometer is available with standard light sources, reflective condenser optics, and vacuum differential sections.