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Gentec Electro-Optics has launched the Beamage-M2, its new real-time M2 measurement module for the Beamage-3.0. The company says the module is unlike any other M2 device on the market, with its compact assembly that contains no moving parts, allowing for a fast and easy set-up.

To achieve M2 measurements, the system uses a completely passive optical approach. Inside the device, a Fabry-Perot interferometer made with a pair of partially reflective glasses is positioned in front of the sensor of the Beamage-3.0 camera with a convenient angle for the light to oscillate, thus creating time-delayed slices. After these slices have landed on the sensor, each one a spatial cross section along the waist, the software simultaneously tracks and analyses them for high speed M2 calculation.

The M2 measurements are taken directly in the PC-Beamage-3.0 software. An easy step-by-step procedure is clearly indicated directly in the software and allows the user to get the fast M2 measurements. The ISO calculations give M2 values in both the X and Y axes.

Thanks to the module having no moving parts and the lightweight software, the M2 measurements are taken at a rate of 3fps. The system also automatically detects the multiple beams, allowing for an easy setup. Once the system is calibrated, you can take as many measurements as you like, without moving any parts or modifying parameters.

This compact laser system is available together with beam delivery systems, providing a complete solution for cutting, drilling and structuring applications.