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Model 287 wide angle lens adapter

Resolve Optics has launched its Model 287 wide angle lens adapter, designed to double the field of view (FOV) throughout the zoom range of any zoom camera. To date all 'off the shelf' wide angle adapters have offered a compromise between FOV, distortion and resolution. If the lens achieves the FOV and minimal distortion then the compromise will be the resolution and so on. The result often is milky, out-of-focus images that get progressively worse the nearer they get to full zoom. The new wide angle lens adapter provides a true 0.5x field of view while maintaining minimal distortion and high resolution throughout the zoom range of the camera.

The performance of the Model 287 was achieved by designing the adapter to work with the moving pupils of zoom lenses. Combined with the use of specialised high index glasses, the result is a high quality lens that has full zoom through capability, resulting in high contrast images regardless of zoom position, while still maintaining both resolution and focus to the very edges of the image.

Aimed at the broadcast and high end medical/industrial market each production lens adapter is individually collimated to maintain the full focus range of the prime lens. Incorporating an M37 mounting thread the Resolve Optics wide angle adapter will enable many zoom lens/camera combinations with a standard 45° FOV to achieve a genuine 90° field of view.


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