ModePROP 1.0

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RSoft Design Group has released ModePROP 1.0, a new eigenmode expansion propagation package that accounts for both forward and backward propagation and radiation modes.


The software is an addition to the RSoft Component Design Suite, an environment where all software tools share one common CAD interface. The suite also includes other software packages: BeamPROP, FullWAVE, DiffractMOD, BandSolve, GratingMOD, and FemSIM.


ModePROP 1.0 provides a steady-state solution to Maxwell’s equations that is based on the highly stable Modal Transmission Line Theory. A particular strength of this algorithm is the capability of a full vector analysis for general structures in 2D and 3D.


There are numerous applications, which can be addressed by ModePROP including waveguide/fibre based systems, surface normal couplers, plasmonic devices, filters, mode converters and photonic bandgap applications.