Modulated DPSS laser

Cobolt has released a modulated DPSS laser option, which incorporates both a diode pumped solid state laser (DPSSL) from the Cobolt 04-01 series and an Acousto Optic Modulator (AOM) in one single compact package.

This allows fast and effective integration of a modulated DPSSL without the need for time consuming external alignment. The Modulated DPSSL option offers a modulated DPSSL with the ease of integration of a direct diode laser and the specifications associated with high performance DPSSLs, such as single-longitudinal mode (SLM) operation, excellent spectral purity and a high quality beam.

The laser features a modulation bandwidth up to 3MHz, CW power up to 240mW, ultra-robust, hermetically sealed laser packages, and low noise at 0.25 per cent rms. The laser has wavelengths of 473nm, 491nm, 515nm, 532nm, 561nm and 594nm.