Motorised zoom beam expanding telescope

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JK Lasers (part of the GSI group) has introduced a motorised zoom beam expanding telescope (ZBET), for use with its newly enhanced JK604D drilling laser. The ZBET has been designed to rapidly and remotely change the laser’s beam size and focus position using the integrated LaserView software, which is supplied with all of the company’s Nd:YAG lasers.

Using the Zoom BET, the magnification of the laser can be continuously driven from 1-4X in less than five seconds, which can considerably reduce set-up times and enhance in-process flexibility. The new product has a very low beam wander, while maintaining diffraction-limited performance across the entire expansion range.

With optics that have been optimised for high peak power operation, the motorised zoom beam expanding telescope is the perfect addition to the newly enhanced JK604D industrial laser.