VPIphotonics Design Suite Version 9.7

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VPIphotonics released the VPIphotonics Design Suite Version 9.7, which includes the following simulation and analysis tools: VPItransmissionMaker Optical Systems, VPIlabExpert, VPIcomponentMaker Fibre Optics, VPIcomponentMaker Photonic Circuits and VPIplayer.

Especially noteworthy are modelling and usability enhancements for the design of modern transmission systems. Applications ranging from low-cost and high-speed direct-detection to high-capacity and flexible digital coherent are supported.

Important new capabilities include:

  • Generation and detection of arbitrary N-dimensional modulation formats, spanning over IQ, XY, time, frequency, fibre modes and cores, and others
  • Analysis of N-dimensional modulated signals including bit and symbol error rate (BER, SER) estimation, log-likelihood ratio (LLR) computation, symbol-to-bits decoding, automatic constellation alignment
  • New adaptive equaliser model combining functionality of feed-forward and decision feedback equaliser (FFE/DFE) and nonlinear Volterra equaliser, which simplifies comparative studies of different equaliser types and settings
  • Extended multimode signal model to support heterogeneous multicore fibres with cores that can have different parameters and support different number of modes
  • Extended modules for multimode fibre, amplifier, couplers to support signals of multicore fibres as well
  • Improved visualisation and analysis of multimode signals by VPIphotonicsAnalyser, including signals in multicore fibres; signal selection by core number, radial and azimuthal index
  • Improved analysis (Q-factor, eye opening) of multi-level pulse amplitude modulation (mPAM) signals
  • New and enhanced digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms, such as blind phase search (BPS) for carrier-phase recovery, multi-modulus algorithm (MMA) for optimal equalization of signals with higher-order modulation, and others