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Micropelt has released its smallest thermoelectric cooler (TEC) to date, with a cold side area of just 0.98mm2. The MPC-D303 supports a maximum temperature difference of more than 60°C for applications that require a large range of thermal control.


It has a cooling power of up to 100 W/cm2 and can create temperature changes at rates greater than 180 K/s. Based on Micropelt's thin film thermoelectric technology, the new cooler's core is a sputtered material that can be structured to match the thermal and electrical requirements of many applications. This can reduce overall energy consumption and improve thermal management.

The device uses lead-free solder to comply with RoHS initiatives. It has a maximum operating temperature of 200°C. Applications for the MPC-D303 microchip thermal coolers include laser and sensor temperature management, micro-scale thermal cycling, lab-on-a-chip and printed circuit board embedded device cooling.