MPLS180 measurement sensor

STIL has released its MPLS180 sensor, which is a line chromatic confocal sensor.

The measurement line is made out of 180 independent measurement points, what ensures the perfect confocality of the system on each point. The MPLS180 is able to measure up to 1,800 lines per second, that is to say a point measuring rate of 324kHz.

With such a high measurement speed, this equipment is naturally meant for systematic dimension controls on production lines.

The MPLS180 also has an advanced integration level with no less than 180 embedded spectrographs.

An optional scanning mirror integrated into the optical head is an available option. This mirror allows to measure a complete field and to obtain true 3D high precision real time measurement.

The MPLS180 sensor is composed of three sub-systems. Firstly, an optoelectronic controller containing the light source as well as the means of acquisition and signal treatment. Secondly, a bundle of optical fibres linking the controller with the optical head. And thirdly, an optical head, with scanning mirror (optional).

Currently, three optical heads are available. These three optical heads permit the topography of differently sized surfaces on any kind of material, with an excellent precision.