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The MPM-2000 fibre optic multiplexer from Mikropack is a high-precision instrument that can optically couple a light source to either eight or 16 outputs in sequential order. In addition it can be used to optically couple a spectrometer to either eight or 16 inputs.

Multiplexers often are found in industries such as chemistry, pharmaceutical, laboratory and glass where multiple locations need to be measured with multiple probes, all with one spectrometer channel and/or light source. The MPM-2000 provides accurate measurements with a repeatability of 99 per cent and offers optical throughput of greater than 60 per cent.

The light is distributed in sequential order, with switching times between channels of less than 150ms. The MPM-2000 features a precisely controlled DC motor on a rotator block. An encoder converts the incremental movements into a digital pulsed output. Each channel features a collimating lens connecting to an internal optical fibre system.

The Optical Multiplexer is available in a one I/O version for connecting a light source or a spectrometer to 16 channels, and a two I/O version for connecting both a light source and a spectrometer to eight channels each. These are available in both UV/VIS (250-800nm) and VIS/NIR (350-2000nm) versions.

The Multiplexer interfaces to a PC via an RS-232 port and comes with software and a driver for complete PC control. A USB version is also available. The software enables full control of the switching order, switching delay time and system calibration.