Avia 532-23

The Avia 532-23, from Coherent, is a pulsed green laser that delivers high performance for cost-sensitive processes that only require moderate output power. The Q-switched, frequency doubled, diode pumped solid-state laser, offers 23W of average power at a wavelength of 532nm. With a repetition rate of up to 300kHz, this Avia laser delivers an excellent combination of high throughput speed and low cost of ownership for applications such as P2 and P3 patterning of thin film solar cells, micromachining of Micro SD card packages, microelectronics package singulation and silicon via drilling.

This new laser extends the Avia platform to medium power levels while still offering the same proven reliability and advanced feature set found in more powerful Avia lasers. Specifically, this includes PermAlign solder-bonding technology for drift-free mounting of all the resonator optics, as well as long-lived AAA (Aluminum-free Active Area) pump laser diodes. 

The Avia 532-23 also incorporates PulseEQ to deliver constant pulse energy over time, even with varying repetition rates, and ThermEQ to guarantee uniform pulse energy when the laser is operated in burst mode. Together, these features provide the ability to regulate the energy delivered to the work surface without causing any change to other beam parameters, thus enhancing process consistency and flexibility.