Multipurpose EnergyMax

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The new Multipurpose EnergyMax series of laser energy sensors from Coherent combine a large active area, high repetition rate response and high peak power handling capability. These economical sensors cover a wide wavelength spectrum (190nm to 12µm), and can measure pulse energies from 300nJ to 2J from single shots to frequencies of 1kHz. They are cost-effective and suitable for multi-laser laboratories and production facilities.

In addition, all Multipurpose EnergyMax sensors are easy to use with onboard electronics that automatically correct for ambient temperature, as well as built-in wavelength compensation factors.

Six individual models of Multipurpose EnergyMax sensors are available to enable measurement over a wide range of beam diameters and average power levels. They are available in low (300nj to 2J) and high (10μm to 2J) energy ranges at 10, 25 and 50mm diameters. In addition, the 25mm and 50mm diameter sensors accept an optional heatsink, which can be easily attached by the user to extend energy and/or repetition rate range. They are compatible with Coherent 3sigma, FieldMaxII-TOP, FieldMaxII-P, EPM1000 and EPM2000 meters.