Vacuum IV Imaging Spectrometer


McPherson's new Vacuum IV Imaging Spectrometer features a 670mm focal length, and is suitable for vacuum ultraviolet applications involving transient or fast plasma physics, astrophysics, material science (luminescence, Raman), or laser-matter interaction experiments.

The spectrometers feature stainless steel housings and components for ultra-high-vacuum applications. The instruments readily achieve 10E-6 torr vacuum during operation with elastomer (Viton or Buna-N) seals. Full featured, the McPherson models have master polished optics, multiple entrance and exit port locations and high precision wavelength drives for high wavelength reproducibility. Specialised high reflectivity coatings provide up to 78 per cent reflective efficiency at wavelengths as short as 120nm, other coatings available for peak performance in mid-wave and long-wave-infrared applications. An aggressive f/4.7 aperture ratio (670mm focal length) assures excellent light throughput.

Fitted for wavelength scanning and imaging applications the McPherson vacuum spectrometers readily accommodate many commercial back-thinned, windowless 2D CCD and CMOS sensors and many single channel Silicon diode or scintillated photomultiplier type sensors. Most popular, the two-dimensional sensors allow users to collect more information in half the time. Sub-nanometer high-resolution spectra and discrete spatial information from the source are collected simultaneously. These are ideal instruments for experiments involving transient or fast plasma physics, astrophysics, material science (luminescence, Raman) or laser-matter interaction experiments.

McPherson’s vacuum spectrometers are available in focal lengths of 0.67, 1.0, 1.3 and 2 metres and can be prepared for high-vacuum and also ultra high vacuum applications with all metal seals. Various vacuum compatible accessories are available, including calibration sources, detectors, sample handling accessories and more.